Joon Retooling Team After Costly U.S. Nationals

Lex and Gerda Joon are in the market for a car chief.

Lance Larsen decided after the final qualifying run at the Denso U.S. Nationals at Indianapolis that he would step away from the Hot Wheels Americana Car Care Products Top Fuel team.

Joon has decided to tune the car himself, with wife Gerda serving as his assistant and crew chief.

He said he made the changes after he “lost a motor – $50K – and ended up #19 . . . no glory and no money at all.”

Joon said Larsen told him, “You know how to do this, looking at your past history, experience and victories” and said the decision is “a no- brainer to get this team going.”

Joon said, “Looking at what we need to change, we came to the conclusion we need to hire a car chief to be sure that part is taken care of. In the meantime, we are going to look over the setup to make sure the car will make it down the track.”

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