As an independent team we have worked for some fantastic partners throughout the years. We know how to bring national and global operating manufacturers and brands success through our exposure via NHRA drag racing. Our sport has seen a tremendous growth in the past seasons with expanded (live) television coverage on FOX Sports broadcasts, as well as increased (sell out) attendance at the NHRA Mello Yello nationwide events.

Why work with Lex Joon Racing, an independent team?

As our marketing-partner/sponsor you are not just a sponsor. We know who you are, we know your goals and we know your team! We are determined to produce the highest results and return for you, as our marketing partner. Not only will we be there with our on-site event presence representing your company, but we also understand the relevance of time spent off-track. We are ready to represent our partners at shows, exhibitions, shopping malls etc. through our show car program.

Lex Joon takes his role as team owner and representative for sponsors quite serious. This comes with his commitment to do whatever it takes!

Why Lex and his team Lex Joon Racing?

Being a proven, successful F.I.A. Championship winning race team in Europe the American government offered us the opportunity to become US citizens. The United States welcomed us into this beautiful country to make the USA the ultimate winner as we promote the Country we now call home. There is no other team, in for example Nascar, Indycar or Drag racing, where you will find the passion and the will to succeed as you will find with LJR. Lex and his wife Gerda emigrated over 4000 miles from the Netherlands to the USA to start a new life living in Indiana (the hub of the NHRA teams) with the mission to be a premier team in NHRA drag racing. Aligning with LJR will make you a partner in this success and you will share the attention we will encounter. Our story and #neverquit motto will attract positive national and global awareness.

We understand!

We understand who your customers are, we value their values, and we want to learn how we can help you achieve your marketing and sales goals. We will serve as your company ambassador and achieve our common goals.

Are you ready to step into the spotlight and accelerate your business? We are ready for you!




Lex Joon, President
Lex Joon Racing LLC
Cell: 317-500-1012
Email: lex@lexjoonracing.com

AJ Ware
Majestic Sports Marketing
Cell: 973-476-5246
Email: ajware@majesticsportsmarketing.com



Lex Joon Racing is a proven successful European F.I.A. Championship winning race-team.

The United States government granted Lex and Gerda Joon the opportunity to become US citizens because of their achievements in the sport of drag racing. This was the equivalent of winning a Nobel peace prize or a Gold medal at the Olympics.

The addition of citizenship for Lex and Gerda Joon (Lex Joon Racing) guaranteed that they could deliver their brand of determination, enthusiasm and years of expertise to the sport of NHRA professional drag racing in the United States.

Partnering with LJR guarantees you and your brand will be part of the positive attention they receive as their story has attracted unique and appreciated national and global awareness.

Are you ready to step into the spotlight and accelerate your business? Contact us!!

Emotional, passionate, heart-touching stories are an important part of our life. Every now and then a piece of American history is made by those who followed the path of opportunity. Did you ever think: “I wish our company could be a part of that story?” Not only would it be good for your business but you and your company would write history as well!

One Man – One Mission – One Team – One Dream Equals The American Dream!

Exposure reaches a fan base in the millions. Media coverage at an international level is already in place via various formats including social media resources, television, magazines, radio, live streams, print, television commercials, and personal appearances.

The NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series is televised on FOX Sports 1 and FOX national broadcast network. This level of enhanced exposure is huge for our marketing partners! FS1 provides coverage of Friday and Saturday qualifying and Sunday eliminations for each NHRA Camping World Series event, with a minimum of 16 Sunday eliminations shows to be presented in a live coverage format, and the remainder shown either in weekend afternoon or prime-time time slots. Four of those live elimination shows air on the FOX national broadcast network.

There are a variety of price points including primary and associate partnerships. Investing in the highest level of partnership will allow you to maximize your exposure and will provide you with the best opportunity for increased revenue. You may choose to partner with us for one race and review your return prior to opting for a more advanced sponsorship or a longer commitment.

The cost to be a partner for one race is far below what you may be expecting. We would be happy to discuss numbers further in a teleconference or meeting with you and/ or your company representatives.